FS Pro

We believe that success should be for life.

FS Pro is an exclusive investment and tax planning service aimed at providing long term financial security for professional sports people and high net worth individuals.

This exclusive service provides whole of life financial planning, offering peace of mind and financial wellbeing well beyond the end of a career.

The Challenge

Why should your financial success end when you hang up your boots?

The earnings potential of a modern day sports star is vast, but careers are short and incomes can be heavily taxed.

In the past, many successful players have failed to receive quality advice, which has resulted in having no wealth to support them at the end of their career.

Others have received advice that has subsequently failed HMRC tax rulings, resulting in large tax bills which causes significant financial impact and damage to their reputation.

The FS Pro Solution

The FS Pro service manages the wealth and income of high earners during and after a playing career, allowing you to concentrate on playing and remove the financial burden of retirement.

This is achieved by utilising HMRC approved investments, leading to healthy reductions in tax. Alongside this, our Chief Investment Officer will provide bespoke investment management.

Our ongoing advice is just as important after retirement, so we work with you to provide a sustainable level of income which supports your life style over the long term.

This combined approach offers the potential for strong investment growth and a reduction in tax, without fear of future avoidance claims.

Most importantly, your success will pay for your future.

Trust FS Pro

Crucially, the most important factor in choosing your Financial Adviser, is trust.

FS Pro is a service provided by Finance Shop, one of East Anglia’s largest Independent Financial Advisers who have been advising clients since 1990.

Finance Shop are proud to say they have grown their trusted reputation on the back of word of mouth recommendations from both clients and business partners.

Trust FS Pro to give you financial wellbeing and peace of mind that your finances are being well looked after.

Your Financial Future

We have been providing financial advice to successful individuals for over twenty five years and manage in excess of half a billion of assets. We do all the hard work and make sure you are kept informed via regular meetings.

Your financial future is our priority.

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The Journey Begins

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