How we help you on your financial journey

The Finance Shop offer a range of client services depending on your financial requirements including ongoing and premium services. Your Financial Adviser will discuss the options with you to help you decide what level of service is best for you.

Active Service - Mandatory*

As stock markets move very quickly, it is important that the solution and underlying investment that we have recommended remains appropriate to you.

Our Investment Committee monitors all recommended products and investment funds for both risk and return and will provide you with an annual update to confirm that your plan and fund(s) still meet our strict criteria.

Should any circumstance arise where we believe that the recommended solution or underlying investment is no longer suitable or causes us concern, we will be in touch with you as this could ultimately affect your financial future. Examples of this are:

  • A major change in legislation
  • Significant increase in risk of the underlying investment
  • Consistent under-performance
  • An increase in cost
  • Unacceptable contract changes

If you have any ongoing questions relating to the recommended product or fund, for example, questions about risk, performance or a change in your attitude to risk, you will be able to discuss this with your Adviser at no additional cost.

If we have recommended a pension for you, an important part of our ongoing service is that we will contact you at key points in the run up to your preferred retirement age to discuss the investment risk approach and whether it remains suitable for you.

Some specialist products may require more frequent reviews, your Adviser will be able to give you further details. Also provided within this service are the following:

  • Where applicable, storing copies of correspondence from providers against your file for future reference
  • Changing your name or address with your providers upon request
  • Informing providers in the event of your death
  • Providing you with a telephone valuation upon request
  • Facilitating withdrawals from investments
  • Providing you or your accountant with relevant tax information for completion of your self assessment tax return

* Not required for protection, some annuity advice and certain specialist investment products, please ask for further details.

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Advisory Portfolio management (APM)

APM is an advisory portfolio monitoring and update service available at an additional cost for your pension or investment plan.

The service aims to give you peace of mind to know that your underlying investments are being closely monitored with changes recommended when required and regular updates to keep you informed. Via this service we offer seven different portfolios to match your risk and income / growth requirements. The portfolios are carefully constructed by the Finance Shop Investment Committee, headed by our Chief Investment Officer, Andy Parkes, with the aim of optimising the return whilst minimising the risk.

Each portfolio is made up of a number of different investment funds, chosen by the Finance Shop Investment Committee from the thousands of funds available.

Each fund and the portfolios as a whole are tightly monitored against internal risk and return benchmarks and should any adjustments be necessary to keep your pension or investment on track, we will contact you.

The portfolios available are as follows:

  • FSWM Multi-Asset Cautious Growth
  • FSWM Multi-Asset Cautious Income
  • FSWM Multi-Asset Balanced Growth
  • FSWM Multi-Asset Balanced Income
  • FSWM Multi-Asset Strategic Growth
  • FSWM Multi-Asset Strategic Income
  • FSWM Global Opportunities

As an APM client you will receive a quarterly update giving you performance information on the portfolios along with some general market commentary.

Please get in touch to find further details on the availability of this APM service. Minimum fund / premium levels apply.

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Discretionary Portfolio Management Service (DPM)

For larger portfolios, we are able to offer our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service. Please see the Discretionary Service page to read more.

Discretionary Service Page

Premium Services

For clients with higher levels of investment, we have three tiers of premium services. Starting with Annual review, for clients that need an enhanced level of ongoing service from their Adviser. Our Meridian service, which includes the annual review benefits and adds a more personalised approach to financial planning. Finally, we have Alpha - our top level of service, which sees your adviser working alongside your legal and tax advisers to ensure your wealth is managed effectively.  

You can read more information in the links below or you can get in touch to find out more about how these services can help you.