3 Months since lockdown

25th June 2020

As we enter the last week of June, it will be 3 months since our lives were turned upside down and COVID-19 forced us all to stay at home.

Next month, the lockdown is finally being eased and the delicate balancing act of the economy versus public health becomes the big issue.

It is clear that the Coronavirus will remain a concern until a vaccine is found and that there will be localised spikes of cases both in the UK and globally.

However, economic activity is returning and with huge fiscal support from governments around the world, stock markets have responded positively.

The graph below highlights the continuing recovery of our Advisory Portfolio Management portfolios since 23rd March: 

Portfolio performance 3 months since lockdown


With returns ranging from 13% to 27% over the period, it is further evidence that remaining invested during these periods is important.

Whilst it is encouraging to see this significant bounce, and although we feel that the worst is behind us, we still envisage bouts of volatility as markets react to good and bad news in the coming months.

One thing that may take some time to return to normal will be our ability to see clients in person. As a company that prides itself on 30 years of face to face advice, it is tough not to be able to offer this at present.

We will monitor government guidelines but our priority remains the safety of our clients and staff.

In the meantime, all our advisers are available via Zoom, Teams, FaceTime and Skype, or just a plain old fashioned telephone call if you have any concerns or questions.

These times continue to be challenging in many ways, including financially so if you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.