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We have been providing face to face retirement planning advice since 1990.

During that time, legislation and the retirement landscape has changed dramatically.

So, it’s now more important than ever to receive quality independent advice.

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Is your pension on track?

If you are saving for retirement, the key questions are:

When do you plan to retire?
How much income do you
need in retirement?
How much income will you receive from your current pension provision?
Are your pensions being invested according to your needs?

The money in a pension is invested to help give it the opportunity to grow. How it’s invested will affect how your pot grows – so it’s important that you understand your investment options.

We will work with you to answer these questions and help you make the most of your savings so that you can retire when you want, without financial worry.

Bringing your pensions together

As you progress through your working life, your pensions may get left behind without the care and attention they require. You could bring them together to increase your pot and give you one easy to manage plan. Bringing together your pots could give you:

More Control

As everything will be in one easy to manage account.

Simplified Retirement Choices

As you get closer to retirement, you might find it easier managing a single consolidated pension.

Better Value

You may be able to access a better range of investment choices and a discount on platform or investment charges.

Keep in mind that transferring may not be right for everyone.*


Are you ready for retirement?

When you reach retirement, there are many complex decisions to be made, these include:

Should I fully retire or go part-time?
What savings do I have for retirement?
Do I need a flexible income?
Do I need a fixed/secure income for life?
How will Inheritance Tax affect my pension?
How much tax will I have to pay?
How much will I need?
How long will my pension last?
Is my pension correctly invested based on my needs?

We continue to look after thousands of clients and help answer these important questions every day. 
Talk to one of our Independent Advisers and be safely guided through your retirement journey.

You can find out more about our services by visiting our “How we help you” page.


Any initial meeting to discuss your pension is under no obligation and held at our expense.

There will never be any hidden costs and you will always be told what the fees are before you sign anything.

All fees are dependent on individual circumstances, so we will discuss these with you during your meetings with one of our Advisers.


Important Information

*Possible disadvantages of transferring include: There’s no guarantee of improved pension performance by transferring into one plan. You may lose guarantees or safeguarded benefits. Your charges may be higher than your existing plan(s). It is important to talk to a Finance Shop Independent Financial Adviser to discuss your options. We can help ensure you make the right informed decision.

Past performance should not be used as a guide to future performance.

The value of units and any income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed.


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