Our top level of service is designed to give the highest level of personalised care and service to ensure you and your family’s financial future are secure and that your wealth is managed effectively.

For clients whose ongoing fee income exceeds £5,000pa, you will qualify for our Alpha service.

To deliver this service we work in partnership with your legal and tax advisers, as required, to ensure effective tax and estate planning.

In addition to the Meridian services described you will also have direct access on demand to both your Adviser and Andy Parkes, Chief Investment Officer, for planning and investment reviews which can be vital for a large, complex portfolio.

You can also take advantage of:

  1. Our corporate membership at three of the region’s finest golf courses. (Terms and conditions apply)
  2. Up to £500 a year towards accountancy fees from our approved panel
  3. Up to £750 towards the cost of writing / updating a will and Power of Attorney with our preferred will writers - Trinity Legal Services


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