Our Meridian service is designed to give you a more personalised, interactive approach to financial planning.

In addition to the Annual Review benefits, you will be entitled to a face to face meeting with the head of Finance Shop’s Investment Committee and Chief Investment Officer, Andy Parkes. Andy can give you an overview on how your investments are positioned and his views on the wider market. 

Also, once a year, you will receive a Personalised Portfolio Summary* which will give you all the key information about your portfolio in one document, including:

  • Our views on markets
  • Summary of holdings
  • Overall portfolio performance

* Please note that if you are a member of our DPM service, you will not receive this document. You will instead receive a quarterly DPM report.

You can pay for this enhanced service separately or will automatically qualify if your ongoing fees meet our entry criteria for each category.

Please ask your Adviser for further details.

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