Welcome to Finance Shop

Established in 1990, Finance Shop has grown to become one of the region's leading firms of Independent Financial Advisers. With offices in Norwich, Gorleston and Lowestoft, we have our roots firmly in East Anglia but also deal with clients across the country.

As a locally owned, genuinely independent company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our advice and service to both personal and corporate clients. Our success has been built upon "word of mouth" referrals from existing clients and close relationships with Solicitors and Accountants.

With over 200 years of financial services experience within the firm and over £300 million of assets under management, we have the expertise and knowledge to be able to advise on all aspects of financial planning. Our belief is that access to quality, independent advice is more important than ever and that's why we spend the majority of our time face to face with new and existing clients, explaining the key issues of today and helping them plan for the future.

Speak to a Finance Shop Independent Financial Adviser today and put us to the test, we are confident we can make a real difference to your finances.

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