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3 Months since lockdown

Posted: 25-06-2020

As we enter the last week of June, it will be 3 months since our lives were turned upside down and COVID-19 forced us all to stay at home. Next month, the lockdown is finally being eased and the delicate balancing...

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Investment Update - 1 month on from Lockdown

Posted: 24-04-2020

It may seem longer, but it is now 1 month since the government informed us all to Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives. So what has happened to markets in this period? It may be surprising to note...

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Market update

Posted: 25-03-2020

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues and governments around the world implement strict rules on both individuals and companies, things can feel scary or, at best, unsettling. COVID-19 dominates TV news, radio and newspapers and is the only topic of conversation when...

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Market Volatility - Some Practical Advice

Posted: 09-03-2020

You will, no doubt, have seen global stock markets fall heavily in the last few weeks due to concerns about the economic impact of the Coronavirus. Whilst times like this can feel scary (and are exacerbated by media headlines) there are...

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Coronavirus and Global Growth

Posted: 05-03-2020

Markets have suffered a period of extreme volatility over the past couple of weeks, as cases of Coronavirus (Covid19) spilled out of China and started to appear across the globe. Initially markets saw little impact, but gave way in the...

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Our Gorleston Office Is Moving

Posted: 27-11-2019

Finance Shop's custom-built premises We are very pleased to announce the opening of our new office, located on Morton Peto Road on the Harfrey's Industrial Estate in Great Yarmouth. On 2nd December 2019 we will relocate our Baker Street office...

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