Nelson's Journey Twenty20 Fundraising

23rd November 2018

Finance Shop are proud to have been a part of Nelson's Journey's 2018 Twenty20 fundraising campaign. As part of a group of 20 supporters, we were able to raise a huge £55,000 towards the Child Bereavement Support that Nelson's Journey provide to local children. The campaign was started for the 20th anniversary of the service.

Gena Moore from Nelson's Journey said "We are completely overwhelmed with your fundraising efforts over the past 12 months, and cannot believe that you’ve all raised an incredible £55,000 through your endeavours this year! Our Child Bereavement Support Worker Lisa (and her cats!) will be kept happy for more than the next two years and we will happily report back to you on what she has been up to, the impact of her work and how your incredible input has made a difference to the lives of bereaved children and young people in Norfolk, and their families."Nelsons Journey small